Read Up On the Chief Executive Officer of YOR Health

Mr. Dennis Wong was brought up to a bad family in urban Hong Kong. Life was tough but Dennis Wong constantly realized support and affection from his parents, who eventually picked up the household to California with the help of her extended family. Dennis and his clan soon adapted to U.S. civilization, though he had a problem with financial resources throughout the early life. In among his most uncomfortable youth memories, Wong recalls leaving high school bawling due to the fact that his dad might not manage his prized snack.

According to Wong, bashfulness ended up being a predominant element in his growth. For numerous years, Dennis wished to go back to H.K. and live among others who were just as penniless as him — or perhaps those worse off. However, Dennis Wong remembers his mom convincing him that things would get much better if he chooses to find out to mimic in the steps of American entrepreneurs. He did simply that and following briefly getting captivated with the bad crowds, Dennis Wong restored his life goals and signed up for college.

He majored in electrical engineering but decided to enter the property business. After finding much success with his younger sister and business partner, Wong made a name for himself in the CA housing scene. The duo captured the eye of a handful of wealthy business owner and quickly this poor kid from China was a millionaire. At 30 years old, Dennis had fought the horrible consequence of poverty and took off with success in America.

Then, when he was 41, Dennis Wong was diagnosed with low blood sugar. This, along with cardiovascular disease and stopped up arteries, was enough to reroute his business focus back to what mattered most — his well-being and his family. This emergency is exactly what triggered Dennis to begin researching health and dietary products. Today, he functions as CEO of YOR Health and works with product designers, scientific advisers, and athletic therapists to market a luxury line of remarkable nutrition.